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How is a Bundle made?

Bonnie’s original designed doll, with jointed body and layers of removable calico clothing, is created using all new materials -- the finest fabrics, trimmings, yarns and polyfil filling. The face whether with real eyes or motif eyes can be bugs, flowers or rainbows, is traced onto the fabric from the template, and embroidery flosses are added. From the clothing patterns, Bonnie chooses the four colors and cuts all the components, adds trims and provides directions for all her cottage industry team -- her embroiderer Eileen and her dressmaker, Katherine who create with love and care as Bonnie does.


When their work is returned completed, Bonnie assembles, stuffs, wigs and finishes each and every doll. The doll is signed and numbered on the left leg by the artist and registered. The doll is guaranteed forever, and can be sent back for repairs without charge -- a lifetime guarantee. 

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