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About the Artist

I awake daily knowing my dolls are touching someone, becoming loving keepsakes, lasting and forgiving treasures without strings--dolls that practically breathe. I was blessed by my grandmother’s dressmaking talents and over the years garnished an artist’s sense of color in creating over 500 designs and making nearly 15,000 over 50 plus years. Four things really stir my creativity. The purchase of a piece of fabric always causes a buzz and often results in a new design. The orchestration of blooms in my floral garden spaces does magic. My family’s love and support is a blessing, and most of all I enjoy my interaction with you, the visitor, sharing how the dolls are made and making special connections. I still love visitors, but call to be sure I am able to see you.


Meanwhile read my blog. Every doll has a story, and let me know your thoughts on my journey to retirement.


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