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What’s Your Bundle Doll Story?

Recently, we heard about two of our original dolls passing on to multiple generations. They are two dolls that our youngest daughter, Kelly, gave to her mentors, Varga and Sandie whom she met in Arizona when she was a young AmeriCorps member. Varga thought of a doll with Saguaro cactus eyes we named Cecilia and Sandie selected an Eva doll. Sandie's Eva now lives in Missouri with her granddaughter, Ember. Varga's doll, Cecilia, is living in Iowa with Varga and her grandchildren. Varga and her son Zak recently decided to give Cecilia to Mauve, a niece by marriage.

Now for our own Kelly's doll story. Kelly is visiting from Arizona and was sharing stories about her favorite dolls she loved as a child. One was Melanie who has balloon eyes and then there was Chrissy named for her best friend next door. What is your Bundle Doll Story?

We’re excited about an upcoming display in July at the Vermont Welcome Center in Guilford. That month, my Bundles will greet you as you enter our state. Now, my good news is a visit with my neurologist hopefully will help me solve my neuropathy, especially my shaking hands. I want to sew again! I have doll orders sitting on my silent work table waiting to be finished.

My blog is about people’s love for their dolls. My husband Lew says every one of my dolls has a story. My neighbor Joan and I anticipate collaborating on a book this fall based on the blogs. You will be sure to hear from us when it is available. Meanwhile, we want to hear your doll story. Email your story and a photo to

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