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Thank You!

My sweet husband Lew says “Thank You” more than a dozen times a day. It might be for a dish of fresh berries with yogurt. Maybe vichyssoise. Or it could be my reminding him to put the thermostat on hold or telling him where he put his glasses. I often respond with “You are welcome.” He adds: ‘How kind of you.”

I thank God every day for our wonderful daughters—the three K’s. And then their partners and their children and pets. A day doesn’t go by without hearing from or dreaming about them. They thank us for being their parents and creative inspiration. Then I give thanks for our cunning fur fellow, Flagler, who accompanies me to the bathroom at night and thanks me by meowing when I put a handful of chow in his bowl, Besides thanking God for this cozy perfect historic stone house, we are grateful for our neighbors and this great Vermont town of Chester.

Lastly but most importantly I want to thank my doll customers who supported the Sushi Doll raffle for the second year.. Then there are my two fabulous stitchers, Eileen and Katherine, with whom I could not do without. Thanks go to NewsBank, Mascoma Bank and Frank’s Bargain Center and last be not least, the Chester post office. And finally, to those nineteen returning customers who provided me with a great year amidst the Covid-19 crisis and found a Bundle for themselves or a special child, I reach out to them with my heart and a loud but true THANK YOU.

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