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A Friend Forever

Going through Bundle history in piles of papers I found a picture of my sign in Grafton in the late eighties. Distinctive Dolls. No wonder the legacy lives on in collections. Just like the Eddy's collection pictured here.

Most of my serious collectors have six to a dozen Bundles, some who are passed on to the next generation. Sarah had eight and her daughter had no interest in them. Grandma, who bought her daughter my dolls over the years, reached back to me asking how she might sell them. They were in perfect condition. April was repaired by me in the early 2000's when the family cat attacked her. I sent her our catalog which had descriptions, sizes, prices and birth dates of these treasures and some marketing ideas like Etsy or maybe an auction. She is on it.

Sad but true most young people today do not relate to a lovable cloth doll. Imagine how a Bundle companion could comfort a child during this awful pandemic--s friend forever.

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