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The Way Forward

I am on the path for physical therapy and carpal tunnel repairs so that I can cut doll bodies and clothing and sew and write again. Two long-time friends stacked the half cord of wood on the porch and so we already are building fires in the wood stove. Why are they smiling? We paid them with blueberry muffins. The platform in the old doll shop, generously created by my son-in-law Andy is ready and on the path to my sewing machine..

My embroiderer Eileen and her husband visited last month and I gave her my lightbox, flesh cotton and face templates for her to trace. Already three Allisons and a Kimberly are done and back to the resting dollmaker. My clothing stitcher, Katherine, will be cutting and sewing Allison’s outfits. In the meantime I ordered a 25 pound bag of ultralight polyfil (half as normal) from my favorite vendor Frank’s. Just like everything else, it was double in price. Can you create fifty dolls or so more?

Meanwhile, for the winter months, we will not fly the open flag as it is troublesome in bad weather and at night. We are here most of the time so please call 802/875-2114 to make a visit.

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