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My Last Dolls

You are looking at the last two Allison dolls that I finished and shipped to little twin girls in Colorado who waited a year and a half for them. These are the last dolls I will ever make with my team. Retirement is inevitable after almost 55 years and 15,000 dolls made, sold and loved. So if I cannot sew and make my dolls anymore, what's next?

Our doll display gallery is becoming a museum of sorts. Hattie, who is the last doll waiting to be sold, is acting curator, training our cat Flagler when he assumes the duty. As we look for a real museum that will preserve and share our collection as a living legacy, we have exciting things to share here: Anna. Scarlet, Sophie, and Andro from our permanent collection; baskets of embroidery floss and ribbons of every size and color; spools of thread of every favorite color; and calico fabrics in sample bags that we have been giving away to visitors. Also you can browse a ring binder full of my face templates with embroidery directions. My very own 43-year-old Monogram doll with letter B eyes sits in my mother's antique rocking chair greeting visitors. Also on display are a selection of the many dolls my daughters loved. Best of all, we have the sampler of Laura who became the best selling doll pattern in the Butterick Craft Catalogs in the 1980's. Alongside is the actual sewing pattern envelope as well as four other licensed designs.

Continuing our transition we created a Legacy Timeline going all the way back to our beginnings in 1968 in New York. All of my many journals, photos, marketing pieces and of course my Necchi sewing machine named Barney, that was given to me by my favorite stitcher and neighbor Bunny Carpenter. Can you add to this legacy? Come visit and share your Bonnie's Bundles Dolls story.

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