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Marching into May

Recently we were blessed with a visit from an old colleague at the Student

Conservation who also sewed dolls for me. After catching up on old news,

Melinda went looking all around my doll shop and gallery. She fell in love

with Harriett the Hoot who was lonely. It was love at first sight. So I

gifted my dear friend who then immediately offered to head up the Bundle

Doll Hospital. So with Malinda back on my team I can continue to

offer health care for your Bundle as part of my lifetime warranty.

After my three weeks in the hospital recovering from a broken hip and

replacement surgery, I have regained some mobility, but cannot mamage

sewing of any kind just yet. To my mind, May is one of the best kept

secrets in Vermont. There is budding leaves on trees, flowers everywhere

are suddenly bursting, and green unfolding from the hills to the carpet-

thick lawns. Our Arizona daughters will be here soon. What about

you? Lew and I love visitors here at our home and galley. Do come and

help me on my joureney to recovery. Who knows, you might find a place

alongside Malinda.

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