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Last Visit

My dolls cried when we packed up and left the Guilford Vermont Welcome Center for the last time. My connection to Gwendylan goes back to her childhood when her father, a professional glass blower, would bring her along to my doll shop when we prepared our artist group display exhibit for Vermont Crafts Open Studio at Guilford. She and her college friend were indispensable helping husband and caregiver Lew and I take down a specially arranged exhibit, courtesy of Diane and staff.

Another childhood reconnection was Ciana who was surrounded by my dolls as a school girl. She came to purchase Pierre to celebrate her graduation from Northeastern University in Boston with an

engineering degree in environmental sciences.

Massachusetts collector Sasha made her biannual visit to my shop and gallery to add to her collection that began a dozen years ago. She was so sad to learn that I could no longer sew and disappointed not to create her very own personally costumed and styled version of Melanie. Consequently, Sasha settled for the last one already made.

Gloria made a surprise visit bringing along a male companion. She was a high school intern helping me organize my shop and studio back in the 1980's, when a steady flow of doll dresses were made by home stitchers while I focused on the final finishing.

Ruth was next to visit also dating back to the 1980's. She was one of the many who sewed doll clothes at home during those wonderful hey days of cottage industry. Ruth brought along two friends during their annual sewing tour in New England, and bought all six of my doll patterns.

Finally, the best and last visitor was our oldest grandson, US Marine Lance Corporal William Arthur Lake, home on leave from MCB Camp Pendleton, CA. He was able to say goodbye to Grace, one of his favorites growing up.

And now it is time to make blueberry muffins with Lew.

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