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Follow Your Heart

Things are always changing. We decided not to do another doll calendar in 2022 because it was expensive to print and we did not have the time to create it. People loved it but no sales from it. I did well selling just three dolls short of the previous year but I already have $1200 in orders in January.

I still cannot sew and am looking at all solutions for my shaking hands. I do see perfectly having completed cataract surgery on my left eye. I am patient and doing my daily physical therapy exercises. We are working on paperwork for income taxes and other planned retirement projects. We are cleaning out and throwing away stuff, so look for a fabric sale.

We are brainstorming a plan to sell the fourteen finished dolls left in inventory. The idea came from a favorite tea cup with bears holding balloons. Just imagine our new safe handicap ramp at the front entrance with a string of fourteen balloons with familiar doll faces on them. We are still thinking this through as Lew and I follow our inspirations.

Bundles has been invited to exhibit in May at the wonderful Guilford, Vermont Welcome Visitor Center. My great embroiderer Eileen has already done faces for six favorites.

Time will tell if we can fill the display case one more time.

The legacy of 54 years of doll making is ahead as I sort pictures and stories to publish my blog Connections book with help and encouragement from a blessed neighbor. We have always urged our three daughters to follow their hearts, and they are all enjoying successful lives full of grace. They are now guiding us on our final journey in life.

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