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Farewell Fall Festival

I was a charter member and participant in what is now the Chester Fall Festival. Being on the Green was the grand finale of all the craft fairs I exhibited in my 50 plus years of doll artistry. I connected with local children, parents and grandparents who collected my dolls. I was always given the same exhibit space right opposite the Fullerton Inn. To opt out three weeks before my fortieth year sharing my treasures was the saddest decision.

My spinal injury and neuropathy problems have affected my sewing and writing. Confined to wearing a brace and using a walker made the painful and difficult choice obvious. We would need neighbors and friends to set up and help in major ways. Family supports my decision, knowing how much I love my dolls, and especially my collectors. As a parent once said, “You are not just getting this doll, Bonnie is going with you.” Can I continue to make them? Only God knows right now. Our daughter

Kate has written a beautiful article about her experience coming home.

Meanwhile, we welcome visitors to our historic stone house gallery. There are 20 beautiful dolls in inventory right now. Come by and connect for old times sake.

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