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Continued Healing With Family Love

The love of my life. Lew, has unselfishly taken on six weeks of taking care of all my needs after leaving the hospital—assisting me in and out of bed, securing my walker getting to the porch plus shopping, cooking, paying bills, and doing dishes and laundry. Our family proven “Yahoo” call for help brings him to my side.

What would we do without Kara, our Vermont mom, who comes one day a week doing shopping, cooking good grain healthy meals and filling the needs of the doll maker. Then there is the blessed visit of our two Arizona daughters, Kate and Kelly, for nearly two weeks. They cooked, threw out stuff, assisted three grandchildren with a thorough house cleaning, meditated, gardened and loved me cuddling and holding me in ways they did as a child. Kate decorated the house with flower arrangements. Kelly completed a grant to build a ramp and a safe walk-in shower with bathroom improvements. Best of all with their presence with our attorney we executed the plan to stay in our 1844 stone house as long as we wish. Kate was able to be present at my followup with my doctor at Bay State Hospital. My compressed fracture is repairing well but I need to continue with the brace for at least a month, maybe two. I will behave inspite of the fact that I am being ever more independent.

What a blessing to be able to share the good news that I recently sewed snaps on a Missy doll and signed her along with a registry number. So now we welcome visitors once again to our porch and home galleries. The final step to my full recovery will be to finish a doll with my granddaughter who has already designed the hippy face.

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