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Celebratiing Recovery and Independence

On May 25th I fell onto the soap stone in front of our dinning room fireplace. June first I visited my primary care physician who sent me to nearby Springfield Hospital for X-rays, cats cans and finally MRI’s. I was taken by ambulance to Bay State Hospital in Springfield, MA where the neurology team determined I suffered a compression fracture of my lower Lumbar L-1. I did not require surgery. Fortunately after more than a week and being fitted with a brace, I was taken by ambulance to Mt. Ascutney Hospital in Windsor, VT for a week of rehab and wonderful care. My sweet husband and three daughters were by my side including the two in Arizona by phone.

On June 17 I was released from the hospital, and with the assistance of neighbor Ed and daughter Kara I am now safely in my stone palace where Lew had Flagler tend to me diligently. Visiting nurses come twice weekly and after nearly two weeks I am moving independently even walking in the brace without the walker. Kara visited after nearly two weeks and was amazed at my progress. She snapped and signed Kimberly who Lew sold when I was not around. I am thankful and grateful to all who sent cards or provided healthy meals. And we are enjoying our porch. No wonder I came with the Porch Gallery idea. The hollyhocks are smiling.

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