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Hopping With Bonnie During Covid-19

Attorney Dakin performs wedding

Our mascot Flagler wanted to go into the attic, and low and behold I found the

greatest pictures in our fifty plus years' history--the Bear and Doll wedding. On June 26, 2010, Bundles, the Hugging Bear Inn and a host of Chester businesses put on a two-day event that still lives on in our memories. As it happens, Matt and Myra. the real couple who inspired us, recently made a safe visit to our porch and we delighted in sharing stories through our masks. Remembering the young participants in the wedding now ten years older: our grandson William, the groom and Eva, the bride, and their siblings and friends in roles is heart warming. But now in this challenging time they are off to college, jobs, and military service. It makes my heart ache.

That was an amazing year of cooperation with Chester businesses. That the Fullerton Inn and Hugging Bear Inn might have sold, what's ahead may be a joyful renaissance. Our daughter Kelly did not come east, but she was a great help on sister Kate's farm in Arizona. We have had few connections with our Vermont family where Kara will be homeschooling three this year, including her two high school girls. We have continued to isolate ourselves from visitors except with strict guidelines. One was the granddaughter of my former assembly stitcher, Sophia, for whom I gave new legs to her doll, Luke. Connecting with these two was fabulous.

We feel safe with our Stone Village neighbors in this changed environment. School aged children are back next door like in the days of yore. Their dad repaired my famous sign that says "please drive like my dolls are your children" as we deal with increasing and speeding traffic. Meanwhile. I am filling orders for special portrait dolls, enjoying the harvests of Lew's vegetable garden, our flower gardens, notably the dahlias, and writing poetry. Do visit us under safe conditions which can be found on our website.

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