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The Best Sign in Vermont

Our classic wooden sign was built by Eric Hofer forty years ago. It holds a stained glass oval of my logo. It blew down and broke into pieces in a winter windstorm in January of 2018. The image was made by Karen Savage of Deerfield, MA, who also created the window bearing the same icon, which graces our porch. Another Karen (Deets) created the new oval using French glass and her great ideas for color and style. It is enhanced at night by solar light and newly refreshed Bonnie’s Bundles Dolls carved painted lettering. It welcomes quick passer bys to check us out on the web. As you drive by, know that this sign is durable just like one of my cloth dolls and a sign of quality of a Vermont product made with love and care for 51 years. It just keeps going, like me Last week the two burning bushes were hauled out of the way to our entrance by sweet neighbor Chuck. And the maple was trimmed by our son-in-law so the sign is once again visible from the road in both directions. Bring on the visitors!

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