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Changing Directions

I am approaching Year 51 of creating original cloth dolls that have filled me with joy. Three things are causing me to meditate and ponder. From the first of the year I have had two gallery visitors, and two phone calls, one ordering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and another a pattern. Both are returning customers, one the result of our marketing mailing and the other an incredible visit to meet the dolls. What struck me most and best was a videographer who spent two hours filming and recording my doll stories. Jeannie Wade is a recent newcomer to Chester who wants to share the many creative "hearts" in our amazing little southern Vermont town.

The two turning points were my other creativities. I won a PoemTown Randolph recognition for "Silvio Loves His Stones," a tribute to our beloved cat mascot, Silvio. It will be published with others this month. Then recently, I sat with neighbor Joan who has encouraged me to write and publish a book based on my website Blog Connections with a photograph accompanying each story. Why not 51? They are a beautiful history.

With spring upon us, I can dig into garden soil again, continuing to ponder my doll legacy.

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