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Sushi can be yours!

For too many years I have had a bagful of beautiful Japanese fabrics waiting for creation in my sewing room. We own a "Nishi" doll which Lew purchased at

the Navy Exchange in Yokosuka during his tour in Vietnam. This model became the inspiration for the slip, kimono and hairdo I created. In the idea bag

were images of sushi. After research I completed the template and directions and sent them off to Eileen, my embroiderer, who diligently mastered the

work of the face in four hours including the French knots to be rice. Sushi is valued at $300.

Beatrice, our granddaughter, is one of ten Randolph Union HS classmates who have been selected to go to Shizukuishi, Japan for two weeks in July. They

need to raise $40,000. Of course, Grammie will make two geisha dolls, one for the Randolph team to auction and another to raffle to her customers and

friends in Chester. Sushi fully came together after days of fun labor around four in the afternoon on April 7th and has been wowing us. Sunday she went to church and the ladies went crazy. We are creating raffle tickets for a drawing on June 17th--$5 each or six for $25. I easily was promised $150 in ticket sales from St. Luke's.

This actress, model, princess, or star Bundle can be yours. Miss Sushi will be out and about locally and here with her buddy Flagler at the gallery, so just call about your interest in buying some tickets or come by to meet her in person. The bonus will be that you will see Beatrice's art too. Neither are to miss.

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