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Can You Make Me A ………?

Just ask. That’s what Kim asked. Can you make Terry? Sure. What colors? Purples and greens and yellows. Blonde hair. What style? Like Destry’s.

OK Done.

I pulled out the face pattern and traced it onto a special Kona woven cotton flesh colored fabric, found the three calico fabrics that blended well including the yellow gingham for pantaloons, and then dug into my embroidery bin for the matching colors. Off to the post office to send embroiderer Eileen her work. I shared the fabric selections with Kim, and Katherine picked up all the cut pieces and trims to stitch together the outfit, along with instructions and an old picture. Terry is not in the Fabulous Fifty on the website. Rather she is in the files called Attic Angels along with hundreds of others from days of yore. When all the finished work was returned, it was my turn to stuff, wig and dress this angel. Lew and Flagler love her. Best of all: Kim does too!

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