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Stone Village Bundle Choir

Grace and Suzy were at the Whiting Library for two months, occupying the same basket, teasing, touching and talking, mostly about their family back home in the stone house gallery. When they got to meet the children in the After-School program and to be puppets for the little actors, they got excited about the next week's activity --singing---and wanted to go back. What was their plan?

Let's find a leader among us and we will be Bonnie's new choir. After all there is a Stone Village Art Guild. Who have they chosen to join them for the performance? Remember, they only hear Lew singing Broadway melodies once in a while. Mimi and Agatha. Gretchen and Wendy, yes if Wendy wears a dress. If we sing Roaring 20's pieces we will need our flapper, Sophie. Her buddy in the gallery is Scarlett. There's our choir director. Cardinals know how to sing, be sure.

We are hearing requests to have these opposites, altos and sopranos, sit together to practice and we have heard some humming. Maybe it is Flagler purring loudly to Kitty.

Well, it was such a hit that they are invited back to act out nursery rhymes. What stars!

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