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Can I go to the library?

The Bundles all know that the doll maker is going to have an exhibit at Chester’s Whiting Library not only for November but December too. Some want to stay home and watch Flagler, their mascot, try to sit with them. Some like our cozy historic stone house. Others want to get away from the gravel truck noise outside on the road. Who will go?

We are thinking a dozen. We have to keep favorites here in case there is a call for a selection as there was yesterday. Mimi was finished, photographed by Lew and posted on the doll website. The next day she was on her way to Raleigh, NC. Consequently Number Seven is in the works with Eileen for embroidery and Katherine for sewing her outfit. We are looking at a motif sitting with a real eyed girl on a special piece of furniture. There are two Millicents and two Destry’s so one of each will go. There are backups for Sophie and Scarlett, and Lew’s Andro can be there on display with her “I am sold” button.

The children’s librarian and I decided it would be a great plan for me to be there on Wednesday afternoons for the After School Program to offer fun activities like creating a face, learning to embroider, and writing a story. I hope to make new friends and keep the old, just like Girl Scouts. I know, like my dolls, some are silver and others gold.

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