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We are here…

And waiting – all 49 of us in Year 49. Two of us are almost identical---Sophie and Scarlett, hot chicks in 2016. Four of us bear the same hand embroidered face but are dressed to the nines in different colored outfits and topped in different styles and colors of hair. These are the epitome of a Bundle. You pick and choose. Come see for yourself.

Having just returned from Colorado where we reunited with Lew’s prep school classmates after sixty years and cousins for a decade, we are back in Vermont. Like Flagler, our new mascot, we are finding being back home in Chester joyful. Trimming the invasive burning bushes, enjoying our Townscape floral buckets, planting more flower seeds and young vegetable sprouts and weeding are pure joy. Our bulb garden is showing off coreopsis and lupines proudly as is our stump garden alive with dancing daisies. The lavender iris is swaying in the breeze next to the house.

We missed our sunny porch but not the noisy road traffic. We are here alone with our kitty and the dolls one more week and then there will be a big boost. Six grandchildren will be guests for a week while their parents celebrate twenty years of marriage in Nova Scotia. They all know Bundles intimately and can assist you in making your choice for a friend for life for you, your child or your grandchild.

Planning ahead we will be creating monthly events beginning with a memorial service in celebration of sweet Silvio while the grandchildren visit, a make a face event in July and write a story in August. Stay tuned.

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