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Guilford to Gallery Journey

On April 25th we fulfilled the invitation to deck out one of the glass showcases in the Vermont Welcome Center in Guilford, VT. Here is the result.

A good deal of planning and preparation went into this fulfillment. We love that place and the staff is incredibly gifted. No wonder they chose Bonnie’s Bundles Dolls again and placed us beautifully just outside of the Women’s Rest Room where moms, grammies and little girls pass by. For over a month my team of two and I have created duplicates of some of the winners like Scarlett, Sophie and Destry. I carefully paired a real eyed wonder with a motif queen, both by size and colors. Lew got to photograph the new ones like Suzy before they left home.

The best thing we did was to create a new vinyl banner to place on the bottom of the case that features eight dolls from my beautiful brochure. None of the girls on this piece are featured in the display except Grace. We made a point of featuring her in other colors so visitors can see that a doll can be made custom to their fancies. Between the 14 featured in the display and the 35 here in the Gallery, there are 49 offerings in year 49! And Maryanne, a Swedish 34-year old Bundle, gifted back to me, is a proven heirloom.

A Doll Raffle is offered now through May thirtieth. Visitors who come here to visit can fill out a Guilford to Gallery entry and win the doll of their desire on May 31. The new sign is featured on the ticket.

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