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Spring Blooming Princess Daphne

The calendar says there are twenty days until spring arrives. The truth is spring is here with the creation of Daphne. From bulb to blossom she is sculpted in nature. The iris drops to spur creation given to me by my grower and flower expert daughter were not needed.

Daphne is an exclusive offering to raise funds for Chester Townscape, valued at $250. Annually our beautiful basket of annuals in color and joy arrives to welcome visitors to our front stoop. Bonnie’s Bundles has supported this energetic team of thirteen since they started this fundraising project. They water and maintain the baskets of flowers on the bridges and on the Village Green, and provide seasonal offerings in the fall as well. One of their major project is selling daffodil bulbs.

One will see posters around Chester and this princess will have a presence at the Chester Town Hall on Election Day where raffle tickets will be available for $5 each or five for $20. If you are a Bundle fan and wish to buy some tickets, send a check to us made payable to the Chester Community Alliance. The drawing will be July 4, 2017.

Smell the flowers!

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