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Silvio Steps on the Winner

We decided to offer Lew’s small framed Stone Village letterpress print as a

raffle prize to a Vermont Bike Tour winner from the seven groups that visited

this season. Our wonderful mascot is always on hand to greet these

enthusiastic visitors whether they are wearing their helmets or not. A couple

of the leaders seek out Silvio as soon as they park their bikes or van. Their

bikers know all about this amazing cat before coming. To have Silvio select

the winner seemed very appropriate. He didn’t even have to rehearse. He took

to the task naturally. On the first toss of tickets his paw selected the Carrs

from Colorado. In his heart was the plan of having everyone being a winner.

But he knows rules. Grandson Isaac’s birthday doll was the judge. He said the

Carrs won fair and square. Thank you for this special event, VBT. You are all


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