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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Lew and I set some marketing goals for our 41st year of participation in Rotary’s Annual Chester Fall Festival on the Green. All were met!

First, we took 41 cloth kids to the Green plus two special offerings. Sarah, now an Attic Angel, lured 47 Bundle doll owners to fill out a free ticket to win. Hannah Gilkenson won. Her mother sewed for me and she knew our girls growing up. We then donated Sharon as a raffle prize for the month of October as a contribution to the Whiting Library. Our sheep chick engaged a number of people who love books and now the doll, ticket and basket are at our town library under the good care of Library Director Sharon. Lew’s art print show continues there through October.

A dozen Bags of Joy (fabric scraps) flew out of our booth into eager little hands. The best-fulfilled goal was to engage a child in learning to sew. Ava wants to make Heidi from our pattern, and then she can use her first communion gift money to buy one of her other favorites. We met a sweet family who could become potential next-door neighbors. Best of all it looks good that we can get back into the Chester-Andover Elementary School to do doll crafting workshops in the after-school program. Thank you to two special teachers, one former and one present.

To top it off, I sold Georgio, a pattern and gifted Maureen with Calico Paper Dolls for her granddaughters. I booked a dozen doll orders. Meanwhile back in the stone house, where the vinyl screen windows are up on the porch and the Heritage Room storm window is being painted and almost ready to install, We have had a slew of interested doll lover fall visitors, including two very special returning ones.

Dreams do come true!

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