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A Star is Born

It is always a delight when there is a birthing day in the Bundle Family, not

flesh but cloth. The newest beauty is Sophie. She is a flapper from the

twenties. Agreed, Lew and I do not always agree. He wants her to be Zelda, F.

Scott Fitzgerald’s wife. Lew rules with the camera; I rule with my sewing


I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed researching her costuming and her hairdo.

Every step of the way there was change. Not enough lace. Use seam binding?

How far up on the dress should the elastic and lace go? I had to spend an hour

cleaning my sewing room to find gingham for pantaloons! It all worked out

even to the headband flower. What fun. Guess this is why I do the whole

prototype doll from start to finish except for the splendid embroidery done by

Eileen. The design evolved around those inviting green eyes. The design was

found in a folder with the dress sketch and the face template, dated 12/31/02.

Apparently, she was to be Isabel and I didn’t have a date for New Year’s Eve!

No surprise I heard her whisper to Lew, “I am 48 hours old and you and

Bonnie are starting year 48 of marriage and the Bundle Family. “Let’s take

her out to dinner,” said Sophie.

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