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Ready for Change

Nearly three months ago we hired two technology smart high school girls to redesign our doll website. Here we are today, up and ready!

It was a nice journey with our Pittsburgh web host for nearly ten years, but knowing a simpler web presentation of fewer dolls would work better in ten categories in the Doll Shop, we switched to WIX. The Attic Angels, those one hundred other designs, can still be ordered and made, but we know what the top fifty girls and boys you adore like us. You can see the change here on the doll pages where Lew has developed a side face shot that showcases the personality-filled dolls he loves to photograph. The best idea the girls presented was to feature doll owners, young and old, loving their dolls. Permissions granted happily, this slide show tells it all. Thank you, Sofia and Taylor. Great job!

We are ready in other ways. The Chester brochure was republished through Rotary using many of Lew’s photographs. I upgraded my listing, so that our icon Andro will light the way here to the doll artist. Vermont Bike Tours has made its first of eight visits – always a crowd who enjoys history, art and stories. No more VCC Open Studio and only the Chester Festival on the Green for fairs. We love traveling the seventy miles up and back to enjoy art, music, nature and recognition for our fabulous six grandchildren. The best to come is our wee honeymoon trip upcoming later this month when we celebrate year 48 of marriage and doll making and 42 in our wonderful stone house in Vermont. We are seeking a museum venue to show off in 2018 when doll making hits fifty years.

Perhaps best is taking care of this historic home. The replacement of the cement stoop with two shining granite steps is fabulous. for us and Silvio. Remortaring the stonework is done and carpentry and roof work are on the work schedule. Our gardens are a whole new presentation and fun to work, especially the raised vegetable bed. You can see too we trimmed the burning bushes, that the hollyhocks and daisies are dancing, and are open and ready for your visit, old friends or new. Let us know what you think about the new website. We look forward to your visit.


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