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Customers keep coming back!

That's a good thing. We know they return for many reasons. Quality. Originality. Ageless appeal. An addition to the family. Color and variety. Yes, some must come back to use their 10% Customer Appreciation Award. They purchase and get another certificate. Pretty good. Thankfully Bonnie's Bundles are not American Girl dolls, but are made in Vermont, not China. We can make a lookalike but he or she will be soft and lovable and even washable and guaranteed for a lifetime. The truth is my team and I make incredible dolls!

Where do the customers come from? Chester. Small Yankee Magazine ads. The web. Those craft fairs from the summer and fall and the Vermont Welcome Centers. The nice feature is that they come back again and again and again. Take Denise. Her eleventh doll this year is an 1880's masterpiece bearing Millicent's beautiful face and her fabulous costuming, including "her bustle."

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Chester's Inn Victoria needed a Jane Austen for a special birthday celebration in December. She's a winner and heading into our storybook group. Mr. Gummy Man is the imagination of a four-year old boy whose father added all the color directions so we could make The Man.

For all the custom design requests this year and all the challenge with happy results, it has been an excellent year in other ways too. Imagine half the sales were multiple dolls, repeat customers (some for years), the success of Yankee advertising, fulfillment of Denise's dream of a doll a month and finally, a packed Promise Room. Lew and I realize we love marketing together and are getting better and better about our instincts. Our new beautiful multi-use postcard arrived from the printer today and promises to be versatile as a rackcard and a snail mail piece. At year's end there are 63 dolls in inventory, the sale is over, and the new price list went up New Year's Day.

We wish you the bounty of family, outdoors, and love in your life for 2011. Maybe we'll see you. That would be very nice. Thank you for coming to us, and do please keep coming back!

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