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The M Girls are Magnificent!

Here we are in the cold M month, and I am suddenly thinking about the time change, the snow melting, spring coming, the upcoming commitments, and then shifting to thinking about how real my M girls are - Missy, Millicent, Meghan, Madelyn, Molly, Mimi, Monet and Maggie. How about these M words? Magical, Magnificent, Model, Majestic, Manageable, Mother. What does this all mean?

Maybe I was missing Millicent who was invited back up to the Hartford Welcome Center for the merry month of March with eight other relatives! Perhaps it was because I am in the middle of making Missy, Maggie and Meghan - every one all time favorites. The last Meghan went out the door the day after she was made in February. New baby, perfect doll. Missy is going to Alabama soon and there already is a Missy and Maggie in that good-taste family. Mimi strikes a chord since many grammies are called Mimi, and having one of these namesakes bonds a child with a faraway grandmother. Whatever the reason, I will continue to make these treasures in little girl favorite colors like purple, pink, and blue. That the dolls are jointed with removable clothing, washable and very lovable with real faces and are the perfect size to be tucked and cuddled are undoubtedly the reasons why they are most believable and credible to a child. So, in year 46, these girls will always be in the display, on the web, or in process on the worktable

In their heyday, Molly and Millicent were the popular chosen ones. Poor Molly here is missing Becky Bear who with Millicent got to ride in our new Chevy Cruze. She cannot understand why she's aSale Doll. In the old days, she was number one or two in favorites. Colors? Hair? You tell me. What they don't know is that these M favorites left behind will accompany us to the Castleton Women's Club luncheon next Wednesday for show and tell. And maybe they will still be here in April (known as spring) and make the trip to good old Grafton on April 26 for a fun event day at the Grafton Inn. Some of these precious Bundles were born during the years I was there - 1986 to 1989 with my beautiful teenagers as big helpers. Those K girls remain my favorite treasures! And for sure, everyone wants to be around for the Spring Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio Weekend just when that magical moment when one might make the connection with an M girl.View image

Yes, there are a couple Motifs (M again) like Melanie and Margie who are in the arms of their favorite mother... and will be forever! My M is right beside me, the phenomenal Monogram Doll, with B's for eyes and spools of thread with flowers on her cheeks, one of Butterick's winners and ours too during the eighties. Miss Bonnie gets lots of oohs and aahs from visitors but she stays right here with her mom and her boys, Lew and Silvio! Then there's Miranda!

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