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A Day of Miracles

The first surprise was Agatha on the table waiting to be snapped and ribboned for inventory and a customer called and said she wanted an Agatha. Out the door. Chesterite Laura wants a look-a-like for a third granddaughter, so I am ready to do put it together with her. Another Chester fan tried out our new antique doorbell. Penny had a new niece and kept admiring both Grace and Alice. Both were ready to go. She pondered the two over the weekend and smartly chose Alice for a little one. And then to top it off, sweet Nora was visiting on the web and emailed me an order for three favorites to give as gifts to her family. Kimberly is working in the Montpelier display but we sent up an "I am sold" button for her.

I am constantly amazed at how it works. Prayers answered, website a reality. Are Eileen and Katherine, my stitchers, going to be busy? How about me? Two to wig and two to assemble! The chairs are empty. Thank you all for this splendid day.

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