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Always a good reason or season!

You have heard about our marketing meetings at wine time. They are not held outside in the yard any longer--for good reason. Yes, the season. Instead we are in the Heritage Room, the doll shop in the old days, with the wood stove keeping us cozy and creative. Our focus? We must consider social media. We have to bend and bite the cracker and use Twitter and Facebook to bullet our message. Into the kitchen, onto the laptop, and done in an hour. Was it hard? Nope.

We sized the beautiful panorama of the calico favorites sitting on the velvet sofa for the cover photo. This is where children often place several dolls to select the one who makes the connection. Our ten shining stars became the Special Events page on the web that fall day when they were all waiting for their shoes and the photo shoot. Overnight the new Facebook page reached 126 people instead of three! Besides this photo we changed the profile picture on FB to the Andro icon that is going to be embroidered on our new Vermont T vests we are gifting our three daughters and ourselves. Additionally, we did raise the prices on November 20th for about a dozen dolls to accommodate an increase in the hourly rate for my two splendid stitchers for 2016. But if you buy one of those pictured before Christmas, you get the price from February 2015. Good reason, right?

So a season sensation was recently placed on the web. Molly Milkmaid. We are calling her the queen of the apple orchard in her rich reds and blues. Born in 1981, she was a big favorite many seasons ago. She has a look alike buddy here who is 31 years old who l made as Marianne for a neighbor's daughter who has gone to God. The doll has come back to me for keeps. Come by and meet the sisters in person during Colorful Weekend offered here at the gallery instead of Black Friday.

To top it off, yesterday I enjoyed stuffing, wigging and dressing a new Millicent, a View image wow from 1985 who sells quickly especially in lavenders. Today she got lensed by Lew for it is was a bright shiny day. I think I heard Millicent and Destry chatting last night. They have seen us clearing out treasures for Grandma's Attic at the St. Luke's Christmas Tea and Sale we are giving along with some Bundle stocking stuffers like Camilla's book and calico paper dolls. What were Destry and Millicent talking about? They want to go to the Tea to be hostesses with Jean and me!

What's left to do? I have three dolls to make to fill orders and a Missy for inventory. She's one of my most thankful treasures, a girl for all reasons and seasons. Lew, Silvio and I wish you all the joys of the Thanksgiving Day.

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