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It's all over but the memories!

As usual, recapping Open Studio over a glass of wine, reviewing the visitors, renewing the conversations and looking to the future potential rewards - another visit, an order--are the best moments over twelve years. Why is it over?

We are not spring chickens any more. (We're on Twitter now and here's one of our sweet tweets, Cyrena, born May 22, 2015, our newest design featured this weekend.) All the planning and preparation and being the momma and poppa of our local artists' loop group are no longer fun. Frankly, we know what works best and that's our sweet brochure now just at one important Vermont Welcome Center in Guilford. It guarantees an hour visit and an engaged new customer. Tuesday will be errand day--taking down the display and getting it back here for our group to pick it up. Smartly we combine it with food shopping, banking and a fun lunch. Going out in the Cruze at five o'clock Sunday night to pick up the signs was a blast. Notice the smile and happy thumb of the sign manager. I will remain a member of the Vermont Crafts Council who does a splendid job of giving us expert advice and ideas, but no more Open Studios--spring or fall. Remember too we only do one fair in our favorite Chester now. Was it worth it?View image

Of course it was! My sweet stitcher Patty showed up in her Maine vehicle. We hugged three times at least. We miss working together. Our new neighbors with a visiting relative came and heard stories. In all, fourteen yellow signs, fourteen hours of sharing and fourteen visitors - all keepers. Silvio drew Amy's name as the winner of A Dozen Cats Plus One Sew, now officially copyrighted. We had a phone order for Abigail, one of the three sale dolls. Even though our idea for an online and gallery silent auction of Bunny's three treasure dolls was a great idea, there was too much to share and too little time to make this work in a two-day event. They will continue to be offered as a fund raiser for the SHS until July third so visit our Special Events page on our website. Remember they are in impeccable condition for being 30, 31 and 32. They still have their shoes on! Let us know your bids.

Speaking of shoes, Mimi is shipping tomorrow. The grandfather buyer asked if I could include rules for loving this doll for a three-year old. I thought it a great idea. That's my next task for this P.O.D., still working well for this team. Marketing one night this past week, Lew said I ought to write something about what makes a Bundle so special? There you go - lifetime companion, best friend, secret holder and guaranteed by me for life. I repaired seven dolls this year, one 35 years old and two belonging to my sweet granddaughter Shiloh. Even though our real girls liked playing outside, Bundles don't like it at all and neither does their doll maker!View image

Lest we forget to pay tribute to our veterans on Memorial Day. Thank you, Sam. That celebrated now around here everything is blooming like crazy -- the lupine, the poppies, the iris, the pansies, and the daisies. Guess we are blooming too, finding ways to bring Lew's line art into the gallery to sell as he frames away when it rains. Helping the Chester Community Association put together its downtown Chester walking tour map has created a stir with this famous artist, now photographer. Watch for our announcement about how you can get one of Lew's prints - printed commercially or on our letterpress!

We just bought the last floral bucket from the CCA and are proud to support this effort.

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