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The Last Leaf Brings Spring

Here it is the first day of spring. Who can believe it? We are waiting for the first leaves to pop on the maple trees and here is this brave leaf hanging in just outside our bathroom window, surviving our harsh Vermont winter. Lew's image, taken February 27th, conjured up lots of sweet thoughts.

Waiting to celebrate the Resurrection, we have been diligent reading, listening, looking and sharing. I saw a heart in my Swiss cheese for my lunch ham wrap. I see Uncle Herschel's stain glass heart, one of seven other motif icons, reflecting in the sunlight above the wicker display from the living room sofa. I see a penny and pick it up, and all day long I have good luck connecting with a friend from fifty years ago over a weaving loom. I see beaming smiles of my three daughters in a classic framed photograph gifted to us by Kate, inspiring me as I write. I see a few blades of green grass clinging to our cat Silvio's coat, having just returned from his patrol. And so, still hanging is this lonely, solitary leaf through six months of winter. Waiting. Watching. Wondering. What is this motif of nature telling us? Come buy Autumn? Why don't you make another Sugar? Be sure to visit the Motif Faces Gallery. To my knowledge I am the only doll maker in the world to ever come up with the idea of embroidering things like flowers, rainbows, letters or bugs and birds for eyes!

Having just revamped our Calendar page on the website, we included a photograph Lew took with a new wide-angle lens at sunset. It makes me proud that in 2001 we lost the ancient celery green décor in this living room and created a most welcoming and connecting warm place. Our sweet artist friend Doadie would sit and swear she would not leave; it was so beautiful. Sounds like Anna. Older visitors gravitate to the needlepoint chair gifted to us by the Jesuits at Woodstock College. Little ones place their four or five favorite dolls on the velvet sofa to pick and choose, sitting on the two walnut tables we purchased from winnings at Belmont Racetrack in 1977. My grandmother's child-size rocker features one of my stuffed stars. We covet Grandma Manion's carved desk and Emmy's record cabinet. A quilt hanging created by a sweet church friend, bringing all the colors together, compliments these antiques. Then there is the Japanese art. This place conjures up stories galore. I wonder if that leaf will still be hanging in outside the bathroom window, swinging to and fro. Let me go check. Oh no! The fierce winds of March 19, like those we have been experiencing for three days, have taken it away. It is probably on its way to the top of Flamstead Mountain behind our house. Thanks be to God, for the inspiration.View image

But we hope you won't stay away just because this celebrated leaf is gone. It remains in our motif doll Autumn. You won't be disappointed when you come, and you might even get some sour cream jumbles and tea during your visit. Okay, Spring, you can come now!

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