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Silvo Officially Blogs

There is a very sweet fan of ours who owns many Bundles and loves her visits and frequent conversations with us. She truly believes that Silvio, our beloved cat, is the true CEO (how about Cat Energizer Operator) of Bonnie's Bundles Dolls. I think Bobbie would love it if Silvio authored a blog about my writing a book about all thirteen of the cats who sewed with his mistress over 46 years. Go Silvio!

Well, where do I start? Bonnie loves me and I'll do anything for her. I have to admit that I was wicked jealous when she decided to put a silly cloth Camilla on the cover of this very special book, A Dozen Cats Plus One Sew. Were you to Google that, you would find we are Numbers One and Four of 4,190,000! Is it me? Is it Camilla? Is it Bonnie? Or maybe you might say, my ancestors, two of which I trained, thank you. (They did not listen well as they have gone to God too early.)

The story is told brilliantly, thanks also to Lew, Bonnie's dear husband of 46 years. (Yes, he is my hero too.) The cats are cleverly pictured on one of twenty color pages, some more colorful than others. Doolittle's PrintServe did a great job. There is a white highlighted conversation where the cat is sharing (through Camilla, remember) what his (mostly boys--only one girl!) or her role was in making dolls. Some liked buttons; some were a web genius like Lew; some grabbed money out of customer's hands; and still others were just plain clever and cute, like me! I am on three pages PLUS the back cover! Behind the photograph of the sewing cat and its conversation is a historic photograph of the real family (three K's included--Kate, Kara and Kelly)View image or a memorable moment provided by a key word like: dragonflies, yarn, or bouquets. What a blendship of love for the doll maker to have thirteen fur employees over five decades! A wicked cool timeline comprises the back inside cover, and it is a keeper. My real sisters suggested this brilliant idea. The defining moments were the nearly sixty minutes Lew and Bon sat beside one another getting the copyright done on line with the government copyright office. They clapped hands and hugged when done. Sweet.

You must have one. How much? $13, plus shipping and handling of $1.50 anywhere in the U.S. for one copy; $13.78 (VT tax) if you stop by and pick one up. Where do I order? Go to the website and click on the New Book icon on the index page and get the details. Who do I thank? Me, Silvio, the reigning mascot and welcomer for eleven years. Now I am the new marketing manager.

These books are flying off the shelves, and now there will be book-signing event at our historic stone house on Saturday, February seventh from 2-5 in the doll shop, just in time for Valentine giving. It will be signed with my paw signature to go along with author Bonnie's. We will have treats too. See you then. Meow!

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