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Why Violet?

I know it is my favorite color in all shades of purple and lavender, but this word pops up continually as the leading searched doll in my website statistics. I listen. Is it the color? Is it the doll? Guess I'll have to do some research.

My website is seeing record numbers of visitors, seventy-five percent directly to Bonnie's Bundles Dolls; 1400 visits a day in the last week--the most ever! Many visitors enjoy my blogs. Thank you. Because of the searches for Violet, my team and I made a new Violet. She was ready for VCC Fall Open Studio along with my new nature chick, Haley.View image They are still here keeping one another company in their fresh, friendly colors. We love their beauty and warmth, so no hurry. View imageEven Sasha, my purple loving fan and friend visited and brought one of her purple loves, Emily, along with her Andro and Robin. Interestingly, for her Christmas doll she has gone back to Sarah who she favored on her last autumn visit. But blues this time, thank you. Whatever this girl wants Bonnie will do! She is a true inspiration.

I am pounding out the orders with the help of my team. Looking at the current picture here, we want to put in a wrought iron railing for the front stoop in character of the period of our 1844 stone house. View imageLew does not need a new lens or camera, so this is where the benefits lie, especially for the safety and comfort of our visitors. So where are we?

The last three sale dolls just found homes with two sisters. That leaves forty sisters and brothers. I learned long ago, 'Get rid of inventory,' so our Special Event for the month of November is "Fly Off the Shelf," a theme suggested byGretchen Goose as her relatives fly south. We will offer 10 percent off on each doll who "flies," as is from inventory. Using our search window enter Order Me Now; then using the top right advance search tab, enter in the "none of these words" window "connections" to refine your search. If you are a returning customer, we will reward you with another 10 percent. Being things as they truly are, our prices last changed in August of 2012, and since then my team got a well deserved raise. The costs for fabric and yarn, like everything else, are going up, up, up, although shopping at my favorite haunts is beneficial. In any event, a long overdue modest price increase is in the works.

Silvio says "I will miss so and so, but Mom can make me another." Act fast.

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