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Being a Kid Again

The last couple weeks I have had opportunities to be creative in writing, cooking, designing, marketing, and giving, marked by visits from several special constant companions. We got to share this incredible photo of our comedian grandson with distant family members who made me want to be a kid like him again.

This picture of me at seven always tickled me. It was before eyeglasses because of reading with a flashlight under the covers. Bonnie in braided loops inspired a Bonnie Book Doll for fund raising opportunity for the Whiting Library in our Chester. Instead of a modest monetary donation, I created this sweet doll, and wrote the publicity; and it is rocking, mostly because of this old photograph. One of the gentlemen library assistants tells me he told Bonnie she could get out of her chair and wander around the library after it closes. Now here's a story!View image

Marketing sense came with deciding to mail a newsletter and my events sheet by adding one third of a full sheet note to let our snail mail friends know what we were up to, assuring them they were not forgotten - for the price of a first class stamp.

In the last two weeks we have had chopped lamb meatballs twice and leftover three times, a favorite entrée provided by friend Sharon for the annual St. Luke's Seder. We love them with special mashed potatoes, and tonight we will serve them with corn on the cob. Also I got to make splendid split pea soup with the leftover August Supper ham bone.

I continue to edit my sewing cats book and am readying for ourCreating Doll Stories event on Saturday and Sunday, August 30 and 31, rain or shine, crowds or not. Yep, I'll have wee pigs in a blanket for kids like me and other treats. There is still time to add your favorite doll to the mural, in part because the colorful snapdragons are still providing their rainbow blooms on the headboard in the shadow of the garage mural. Of course the goldenrod is the garden pig so off I go to rid the garden of these masses; and being the kid I am, I'll snitch some cherry tomatoes from Lew's vegetable garden. We hope to see you.

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