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Still Make Dolls!

Sometimes it is a question. Other times it is an exclamation. On two occasions in preparing for Open Studio I connected with classmates of my darling daughters who remember my doll making frenzies in the young mothering years. One remembered coming to play and helping with the display and stuffing. How many years?

As June 22 approaches it will be 46 years, thank you. And still fun. During Open Studio we had thirty-five engaged visitors, and I answered all the questions, telling the stories and sharing the joy. It was in my chatter at the design table with dolls in progress, sharing where the ideas and talents came from and having them touch and connect with my doll creations and my beloved mascot Silvio who received as much attention as the dolls. The raffle winner, Elaine from Rochester, won her favorite and my best seller, Camilla, the cat, Grace, Alice and Piper were the other top choices as favorites.

What was a delightful surprise was the many visitors the whole week before, ordering dolls, one a customer from the late 70's! I persuaded two sisters to let me keep Prudence and Zoe through the weekend to keep the shelves full. I mailed them the next Tuesday, and I suspect they were two happy sisters with their special cloth sisters. I already created a new Zoe.

It is time to clean and inventory the yarn chest and fabric center. Yikes! Nine faces came back from embroiderer Eileen this week so now it is my job to assemble, stuff and wig these babies. I met and briefed my new stitcher on the sewing team, and we made special connections. Katherine is already a great addition, stitching two outfits.

Before Lew and I got on our tasks, we took pleasure in attending grandson Will's last baseball game. Four hits; two runs scored. Then we had a lovely evening picnic on the new patio and enjoyed the progress of the grounds keepers and gardeners. On these occasions we miss the AZ aunties, but love their pictures and reports.

So back at home we made some headway ourselves in the gardens. Lupine, columbine, iris, poppies, daisies, and buttercups are blooming like crazy. Just in time for the bikers on the VBT tours. Check out our summer events. The end of June is your time to wheatpaste your favorite Bundle on the new garage mural as last year's weathered away. So come pick some flowers and let a Bundle pick you out for life

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