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Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio. How's it going?

"Very well." That is exactly the response I get from Father Sanford most Sunday mornings when he arrives at St. Luke's after his 45-mile trip from Marlborough, NH for the 8 a.m. worship as Lew and I depart having done our Sextons' duties. And it applies here. We did all we could to make our 20-mile gang of ten Chester area artists look good - around town with yellow posters and maps, showcased in two Vermont Welcome Centers and presence in the area press. Then I cooked for a big church meeting; we got some flower plants into the gardens; and we celebrated the birthday of my favorite Raggedy Andy owner, grandson William, who peaked to 14, while we engaged in a bleacher picnic with the family at Gurion's lacrosse game. And on Friday the comforting rain. Are you sure it is going very well?

That rain was the best gift. Bye, bye to 87 daffodils. Sad to see you sweeties go, but Kate's bulb garden has as many tulips saying, "Lew take our picture." I counted 48 Bundles in our three-room gallery. There are two orders to finish along with ten of my treasures I hope to have done or nearly so for Open Studio next Saturday morning. Four favorites are "working" in the Guilford and Fair Haven Welcome Centers displays with the art of our gang. I featured them on my e-card invite to try to establish their presence here. There arefour dolls on sale at $100 each - a bargain to say the least.

Saturday we joined family and friends of the late Georgette Thomas to celebrate her life. Her Hugging Bear Shoppe and Inn has been a Main Street icon in Chester longer than any other. She and I put together that famous bear/doll wedding in 2010. But this break and tribute were important to cherish our warm relationship.

What's left to do? Finish those ten - favorites like Francie, Georgio and Ella. On our dining room worktable where the process is shared, I hope to have a couple new designs to introduce, overseen by Ms. Piper who is getting lots of beautiful praise. We have to ready the porch and lose the dust bunnies, but aside from those chores, I only have to put Calico Paper Dolls together, stuff Camilla, our raffle prize, prepare a couple creative activities for kids to do, purchase our Cabot Cheese, bake cookies and make our famous veggie pizza. Lew will be creating another sensational storyboard.

So come, have a historic house tour, enjoy our art, eat some yummies and connect with the doll maker, her web and marketing companion and of course Silvio and his lovely cloth family. We are waiting at #20!

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