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I am not jealous!

This is a good day to write a "composition" as there is no school because of the big snow. I unpacked the big Green Mountain Coffee box filled with ten Bundles, including a Camilla, all set neatly sitting in their places by Tim, just retrieved from the Hartford Welcome Center where they spent a month wondering if they would see Silvio and their other brothers and sisters again. Imagine their reactions when they returned to the gallery and saw someone wearing an outfit having the same fabric as they have. Maybe they were drinking coffee! Who was the loudest?

Georgio obviously forgot that Freda willingly offered the multicolored stripe for his legs and sassy hat. "When I joined this family, the first thing I learned was this was a sharing, loving family, so stop croaking. I'm the frog!" Georgio sighed and was relieved that he was set back in his basket at the window, above most of the girls and that Freda was in the Promise Room so he didn't have to hug her to make up. He was even more overjoyed that a customer asked about him while he was "on vacation." I assured him she sought out his poster at Christmas hanging around town, so she'd be back and he'd be leaving. "Can I go see Freda and apologize?" he asked looking up the stairs.

If this doesn't mirror two teenage sisters, I was not a listening mother. Nicole hops out of the box to take her perch next to Diana. They both have a smidgen of a pretty yellow in their clothing but there are no words about that. Instead, from the worktable, The newest Destry eyes the blue pear print of Nicole's dress and begins whining. "I thought I was the only one to wear that beautiful fabric. Bonnie stashed that fabric away for just me because I am one of Lew's favorite girls and he loves blue. I'm waiting for my photo shoot with his new portrait lens right now." One hears a chuckle from Nicole. "You have to remember that Gemma left me behind for a Nicole in a prettier frock, so get over it. How do you think I felt? And sister, welcome home I missed your likeness here. You are a beautiful sister, and Lew has good taste!"

This one surprises me. I always think of Susannah as the reigning princess, but when I heard her call her baby sister Meghan a creep, I was shocked. "Sisters are for sharing..." remember that rhyme Bonnie always sings when we get grouchy at one another. "Yes, little sister, you are right. Bonnie will have to make one less of me that's all. By the way, I have one embroidered flower on my pinafore while your whole body is covered with sweet tattoos. I guess I should just kiss your sweet face and make up."

Happiest of all is our star calico kitty hearing from Silvio that five Camillas have been made and sold in January alone. That kitty is doing flips of joy at this news. The other beautiful story is that of sweet Emily who generously gave Hope the fabrics for her jumper and dress to be a raffle prize to raise funds for the Upper Perk Relay for Life, Brown Printing Team in PA.View image

That's the family story this snowy day. There are butts to buck up, coiffures to create and snaps to stitch. So sweet doll family, look out the window and watch the snow, enjoy your companions, smell the chocolate chip cookies in the oven and stop snapping!

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