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Kids Will Be Kids

When you let your kids leave the house, you can only trust that they will be safe and be good. Ten of our people were transported in a couple travel totes that symbolize packing up for a fair, especially for Silvio, our welcomer and babysitter. He was especially sad to see a couple of his favorites be chosen, but we assured him they could not be sold and would want to come back to him. Where did they go?

We had another special invitation from the Vermont State Welcome Center, this time Hartford, Mile 68S on Interstate I91. Yes, you remember Clyde and the girls were there last year. They were so well behaved and loved that the staff said, "Bring them back." Their order in these splendid candids, taken by Lew with his new Canon camera and portrait lens, shows no favoritism. Even their placement on the shelves has no rhyme or reason. Being their creator I can just hear them chattering.View image

Andro up there in the spotlight on the top shelf is saying, "I'm Lew's favorite. He said I could be the star of the display. Get over it!"

Miss Autumn, created for the fall Vermont Crafts Open Studio, is sharing space with Lil' Prudence who was in last year's display with Clyde. "I'm the right size to fit nicely, and the people loved me so I want to see my old friends and make new ones. My sister Laura was sold so I've adopted this new chick to be my big sister, and I love her fall leaf eyes." She shared that she had something personal in common with the Missy pattern on the shelf. The Laura and Prudence combo were our popular first Butterick pattern and Missy is our most popular doll. View image

Next down, wispy faced Nicole, on the left, is sad that Gemma preferred a different version of her likeness and she stayed home. "I want to be with Elysse because she reminds me of spring when more visitors come to the gallery and the hope I will be chosen even if Elysse and I get separated forever." You can see her colors are all about spring and she's happy even when it's cold outside.

Now here's a pair! Georgio was our Christmas icon when his best friend Holly Christmasmoved to Connecticut. The soccer star was the super prize at the Chester Rotary Scholarship event last spring so Georgio wanted to sit with a star like him although she misses Owen. Imagine the mischief those two create when the lights go out. "Can't we take a ball with us," Georgio asked. Bonnie said "No, sir." You get the picture.View image

By no means the bottom of the heap are opposites, be sure. Miss Silly Tilly wanted to be placed upside down on the shelf with her kitty friend, Camilla, just like she is displayed back home to be an attention getter. We did allow her to wear her hangtag on her foot like she does back home. The model of a favorite teenager is Mimi who shares the spotlight and the space like a princess but a great babysitter "You know I'll be good, Bonnie, and I will prove that three is not a crowd!"

Are these treasures of the doll maker so real that they talk? They are personality-filled handmade cloth people, inspired by people, created by people and loved by people. Like late LA Times travel editor Jerry Hulse said, "Your eyes won't believe their eyes." And we would add nor their hearts and their mouths!

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