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Commotion on the Green

For heaven's sake, my boys and girls made a sensation on our hometown Chester Green at the Rotary sponsored Chester Festival on the Green this past weekend. Who lead the ruckus?

Miss Francie, my sweet little fairy was more like an angel watching over things; she did not fly away. Everyone loved her colors. Even though Autumn, created to be the sensation for this event, caused lots of oohs and aahs, Francie ruled the canopy, watching over us, even discouraging and dodging rain both days, Clever? Visitors could write down the name of their favorite doll in Francie's dream bubble, and she produced three orders for herself!

As expected and anticipated, I was greeted by my sweet fans - Gwen, Hazel, two Zoes, Eva, Emma, Laurel, Marlayna and Susannah. And I met new friends like Sally, William and his little sister; Layla, Mia and little Olive. The owner of two Bundles already in her two and a half years, Olive loved the purple girls but was very busy matching the dolls in our display to the ones in my great brochure. Zoe got lots of attention when The Lion came to visit and thought his fur matched her braids. He gave her a sweet hug and then passed her into the arms of a child who fell in love with my tomboy when she saw me sewing pumpkin buttons on her jumper. Madelyn, too, had lots of attention on Saturday, but her placement in the display on Sunday rather hid her charm and beauty. View image

Problem. Yep. Two admirers of Daisy are wondering which one of them pinned the "I am sold. Order me" button on her pinafore. They are good friends so I know it will work out. There were other touching stories too. A grandma told me she just passed along her Bundle bought thirty years ago to a new grandchild. Sadly, a mother shared that a Bundle baby shower gift belonging to her now eighteen year old perished in a fire at the grandmother's house. There were lots of dogs, often two buddies, being walked. We introduce the idea in our Offerings Window of honoring their dogs like the corgis featured. Myra liked the idea. Meanwhile, our major pet was home alone minding those twenty or so dolls that could not make the five-minute trip to our beloved green to show off.

We shared the fact that we would have children's activities during the Fall Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio, this year our first, on October fifth and sixth. Our supply of map brochures disappeared into welcomed hands. One visitor to our booth recounted her splendid visit to Open Studio two years ago and remembered all the stories, what she ate, saw, and touched. That's the beauty of Open Studio - you can stay awhile even though our Commotion on the Green brought some of the same little visitors back both days. Now that is quality connecting! Come meet our new Autumn Doll face to face.

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