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Mural, Mural on the Wall

Who is the finest of them all? Each and every one of the Bundle doll images pasted on the garage wall on Saturday, June 15 are perfect, especially the relationship of the doll to the paster. We are not a billboard but a serious Vermont attraction! If we're away for an afternoon for a birthday, ballgame or food expedition, our handsome gnome sends visitors to see the mural and leave a message. Even our chipmunks have a curious interest.

Today at the post office I saw Carolyn who said, yes, we must paste two special My Doll Design girls, Heather and Laverne. She can't wait. Diane and her family visited Maizie, and next week Darlene is coming to paste her harp treasure. How about you? Do you still want to show off on the coolest visual catalog of those dolls not comfy in the house on soft pads and chairs? Recently a family from Florida followed me out to the mural and spotted Ruth, the Red Hat Lady. The gentleman said, "My mom is a RHL. I need to get her one for Christmas." The latest was recently shipped to Virginia, so this becomes a living catalog.

Nonie came with her daughter and granddaughters whose dolls were tucked in their arms. Mom found the picture of the GMUHS field hockey doll I made for her in the Sports Doll collection. And then I hear from Jayne whose granddaughter is about to receive all of her mother's dolls that Jayne bought and earned having Doll Tea Parties back in the late 70's and early 80's. To top it off, one of the nicest Grammies I know, Lynn, had visitors the prior week to the event, daughters Amanda and Christa from Texas and Kansas with their five children. The girls grew up with mine and we shared some fun stories while making my Calico Paper Dolls. They visited the mural to see Papa's favorite Darla and many other friends of the past. It was a Grammie's celebration for all of us. In fact, we celebrated Grammies in a big way.View image

Our final celebration of the summer is coming together for Saturday, August 24,Creating Doll Stories, featuring artists, illustrators, photographers, writers and compassionate owners. There will be food all day and the opportunity to help us enrich the story of The Baby Sitter, one of my Gossip Chair stories found in the Blog, Off We Go To the Fair. I have a date in the Children's Room at Chester's Whiting Library in Chester on Wednesday, August 21 beginning at 11 a.m. to read my doll stories to little readers. Visit thespecial events page on our website and see how my favorite photographer, Lew Watters, caught Gretchen and Wendy in the planning moment of mischief. Bring your doll and let's tell her story.

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