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Let's Decorate

The back of our garage faces Mt. Flamstead. That mountain and the fields below that border our property are beautiful any season, but especially in summer. The idea of decorating the garage is not new as we intended to have our Arizona girls collaborate to create their visions of the Southwest. The surface was specially prepared, primed and painted in a brilliant white background. After several years of waiting, we realized the mural was just not going to happen. Intentions were honorable. On our most recent visit this winter driving with Kate and Kelly to the Kane Ranch on the Colorado Plateau, we were introduced to wheat pasting murals. Why not decorate our "billboard" with dolls? View image

So the mural will happen this coming Saturday, June 15 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. as part of our 45thAnniversary Celebration. Participants will create our mural using wheat paste to attach their favorite doll image, either one they have chosen ahead of time or their hand drawn doll art. Everyone has a favorite. We will certainly pick the Kate and Kelly dolls so they have a presence. While we are in a celebration mode, we are adding a timeline posting activity, documenting six panels with the highlights of our forty-five years of doll making. Memorable photos and important facts will be separated into baskets to be posted with yarn and tape to the panel surfaces. Guests can do one activity or both.

Serving yummy food is always part of our celebrations. We will offer a deliciousbarbecue from 1 to 2 p.m. and again from 5 to 6 p.m. As served at most of our events, a special carrot cake with cream cheese icing will bear the famous "Where's Silvio?" puzzle picture. Of course, he'll be here. He loves visitors. Simply email us or call to let us know your favorite Bundle(s) so we can print out ahead and plan your joining us for a dog or burger, yummy salads and a piece of Silvio's cake. You can review the details on the Special Events page.View image

This is the first of three summer celebrations for 2013. These replace packing up the van and leaving Silvio and half of the girls home while we did those craft fairs. Now everyone will be at home - many of them on the garage admiring Flamstead in a famous mural! Come be part of the fun.

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