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Dream Catching Horseshoe

All it took was accepting a simple invitation, and we were on our way to theVermillion Cliffs and our second visit to the Kane Ranch above the north rim of the Grand Canyon in AZ, a retreat from reality owned by the Grand Canyon Trust. Lew, Kate, Kelly and Ms. Charlie, our granddog would bed down after warmly connecting in the usual Watters family way -- talking, eating and hugging. The glowing horseshoe daybreak awakening though revealed a phenomenal marketing scheme for 2013. The decorative horseshoe icon in the window, positioned perfectly, caught it all in the morning sun. Go, Bon.

How fortunate! An hour writing exercise for all four of us after breakfast and a walk gave me the chance to write the fresh ideas down in my trusty journal. Darn, you love to write. Share it...however and with whoever will listen. The events of the 44th doll reunion set the stage to involve all the ingredients of the next celebration. Talents in every guest. You could involve and share your ideas with your little doll moms who are natural marketers for year 45 events. And you must feature the stars--your creations. Do it again!

While on the 150-mile drive from Flagstaff to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, we saw unique wheat pasting on Navajo roadside stands along Highway 89 and on billboards. Created from photographs and applied to a surface, with wheat pasting our mural could feature a bevy of the most popular dolls in 45 years to be celebrated on the back wall of our garage with our young artist guests on Saturday, June 15. The Bundle History Timeline will be a part of our June anniversary event. The July 20 event should feature the relationships of grammies and their precious treasures, both creating in fabric and sharing a picnic.

Discovering old photographs with my daughters provided high levels of enjoyment. A photograph of sweet Onyx (gone to God) on our historic staircase provided an idea for another Gossip Chair story and the final summer event. This antique chair, with connected seats facing opposite directions, has been the catalyst for writing several stories of two Bundles, one real and one motif eyes who, when they are "supposed to be" sitting in quiet pose, come alive and get into mischief. So beyond the three I've already written, my Arizona dawn reality inspired me to write another chapter -- The Promise Room, with Onyx leading the way up the stairs. The stars -- Grace and Agatha. No wonder they weren't sold this fall. They were needed to illustrate and photograph this story, a perfect August event with my young photographer friends, artists and writer buddies.

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So Bonnie, you have already blabbed your awakenings by sharing your writing with two of your three artistic daughters and your astute marketing genius. And please note everyone that before signing out at Kane three new doll designs were captured in my moleskin journal birthday gift. May the sun always greet me and catch my dreams in a horseshoe perfectly placed to create and share.

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