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Clyde and the Working Girls

I love to write about my cloth kids, especially when they are doing good work. A dozen working girls and boys just got the golden opportunity -- to be displayed in the new Vermont Welcome Center in Hartford. How did they get the job? They are very popular and have already been chosen by someone, saved in the Promise Room until their owner picks them up. Meanwhile, they just wanted to help. Who is the daisy guy laying down in the bottom right? What is his role?

Clyde, the dog, was resurrected from an old Simplicity pattern recently. He was a

winner back in the seventies. He wanted to protect the girls since Silvio would prefer home by the wood stove. This Clyde is a gift for Porter who has touched and connected with him - a promise that he is his. I know he will be loved. So will Prudence, a gift for Carol's granddaughter. Missy was chosen and asked to be saved with the others in the Promise Room. Honey and Gretchen are intended for Diane. Madelyn is Julie's in 2013; and our little Bo Peep, is Belinda's from Windsor. She would be surprised to know she's a town away! Joy is up for grabs if you like Christmas, and she will be with us at the Woodstock Inn Holiday Sale on Thanksgiving Weekend, Fri. and Sat., Nov. 23 and 24. Camilla and Dexter might be there too.

I must thank Tim and Andy for their hospitality at the new facility; this Vermont State Visitor Center, #9 southbound on I91, just opened after 18 months of construction. It is especially unique, modeled after a real railroad station. Down the track, I see Eddie the Engineer being the ambassador there. Meanwhile our promised people will do the job. They are safe and sound. And here in the Stone Village, Silvio is watching and waiting to greet you personally when you come with that ticket, our color brochure, in hand. As part of the journey north, we got to celebrate grandson Isaacs' fourth birthday. That was our reward!

Halloween has come and gone. I wish I could have given Penny Pumpkin to each and every kid. Instead it was chocolate and Calico Paper Dolls. Very soon you will hear about Leah. You'll have to hang suspended until we announce her birth and a new category of 2012 wonders.

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