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Doll Reunion Winners

If you have a Bundle, you already won! You have great taste. Between

those who appeared in person and those who shared pictures and stories like Arna, Nancy, Bruce, Arlene, Mary Alice and Julie, one percent of 13,000 of our dolls were shared. Now we share with you.

On Saturday, Candace showed up with her children's dolls in her arms. Granddaughter Adela's favorite doll was her daddy's Eddie. She made a calico paper doll and decorated a cookie. Candace was one of my valued team in the old days. I showed her a wooden shoe she sent me from Holland, Michigan, one of their hometowns. I shared with Candace her handwriting on pattern pieces, as she cut for the stitchers on our cottage industry team. She also reconnected with embroiderer Eileen. We all remember a fabulous company party at Windsor Station years back. Eileen also connected with Deb who is designing a custom doll with Harley Davidson eyes. Her Crackers will have to share the ride.

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Saturday we learned who had the most Bundles. Shevaun brought two of her collection sweetly displayed in antiques, one her late husband's toy truck. Neighbor Lynn shared six dolls belonging to four daughters who live in three states. One award was made. Hands down, the Morse Family, with a collection of over thirty dolls - driven here and delivered in two American Flyer wagons was clearly the winner of "Most Dolls." Unbelievable to me was that Luke still had the little felt frog in his pocket. Needless to say, Susie and Terry won my newest sensation Madelyn, and they are delighted.

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That brings me to Sunday highlights. It was definitely the kids' day.

They all brought their dolls. Teelin had a barbershop appointment, and the girls' dolls had makeup and bow refreshing. After Father Sanford blessed the dolls, their owners, and their connections we awarded the prize of Susannah, my 100th limited edition doll. The Pennells won. Sweet Susannah cannot wait for me to create her prize #97 of 100.

Later on Sunday, Maddy pulled stories from doll mothers about their kids. Monet's story was poignant, and Laurel's about her Ella was charming and nicely illustrated. We hope to share excerpts from these. Pictures galore were taken both days to create a memory book in 2013. Years ago my girls encouraged me to write stories about the dolls. In one, Luke put his frog on Stacie Strawberry! Hearing their stores I am encouraged to share my Gossip Chair stories. So please keep sending your pictures and tales.

So here are our kids - Kate and Kelly. They could not be present but they helped pull winning tickets. Camilla and a book certificate go to Candace and granddaughter Adela. Winner of the Create Your Dollwith Bonnie is our videographer, Elliot.

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Finally the prize of prizes was Andro, the new cloth replica of my logo illustrated by Lew. Awarded to the person who has been the greatest source of inspiration to the doll maker, Lew was thrilled. He connected the two images: his 1976 drawing and Bonnie's perfect rendition of the 2012 doll. He can't wait to take her to Chester's Fall Festival on the Green to show her off.

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