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One Hit of the Reunion - The Journals

There is so much to share; I've decided to write several blogs about our spectacular September Bundle Doll Reunion, celebrating connections with some of the owners of my 13,000 plus dolls. In preparation for the event, I spent hours in the attic finding pictures and files that could tell the story well - especially on a time line that the weather prevented. But the pictures in journals were certainly more than I dreamed. Tell us more.

Over the years the first 150 dolls I created were in several ring binders, two per page on colored construction paper in a heavy plastic sleeve. Yes, that's how old they are! Some descriptions were typed and some were printed from various catalogs. My friend Carrie gifted me with two cloth-covered journals for minding her cat. Perfect. I tried to find two more to handle the whole collection, but I substituted from two stores. I split the animals and the commissions from the regular Bundle offerings I designed over the years. I tore pictures out of those binders and added those printed on more current catalog sheets, along with all the descriptions. I went on my website to document the "birthdates." I felt like a historian. Well, four full journals of pictures were glued alphabetically by two glue sticks, but no time to add the descriptions that rest safely in a box. I have an offer of help from Grandson William to document them with me.

During the course of the two days, many viewed the 300 designs. I figured that I sold an average of 300 per year over 44 years. Questions. Who was first? Who was your favorite? Who sold the most? How do you come up with these? But three striking things happened that must be shared.

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Two favorite children of mine, Susannah and Monet, struck up an immediate friendship. They brought their dolls, so naturally they started looking for them in the journals. That done, they decided to go find them all. They would match the picture with a doll in our galleries, and soon there were dolls everywhere. We captured some of the action. Grownups like Deb were enjoying the collection too.

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Later in the evening after their mother and dad had sung a little

repertoire -- including Moon River, Kara knowing that Audrey Hepburn is my heroine even though I have yet to create Audrey as a doll. There was a Kara Kupcake in the collection. And her sisters Kate and Kelly. Their absence was noted on the porch in Andro's window sign. Three of my grandchildren were with visiting with me and asking questions about this design and that, who was my favorite (Today it is Madelyn.) and also picking out their birthday doll for 2013. Shiloh, always poignant, said, "Grammie, you are the most awesome doll artist in the whole world." Silent tears trickled through my smile of joy.

Finally, Sunday afternoon we were wrapping up the video coverage of the event intended to be a Bonnie's Bundles Dolls documentary. The four young men were very taken by the journals and even thought of video taping them. Elliot, the in-charge guy, said as he walked through the collection, "Bonnie, I want you to make me an Elliot doll." Now wouldn't that be fun! Stay tuned.

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