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Everybody Read!

Quechee Hot Air Balloon fest was all we expected and more. The

weather was the most cooperative in years, but both Saturday and Sunday evenings sudden and unusual winds prevented liftoff. I proudly wore my smart skirt made by daughter Kara of doll fabrics, and I soared with the compliments. We, as usual, made wonderful connections to treasured friends. Julie took Angelina home. Meeting Ian and planting cherry seeds with Juliet's boys was really fun. Old Chester school connections happened too. We also learned to use our girls to the best advantage.

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Taking the advice of mother, teacher and collector Katie, we putClaire to work holding the guest book until Destry got jealous and had to officiate the second day. The Bundle animals, fewer than I hoped, as I had to borrow two from little friends, are now reading buddies. "How to Read to a Dinosaur" was right here in the house, and at the Whiting Library I found "Read to Your Bunny" by Rosemary Wells who wrote one of our Kelly's favorite childhood books "Noisy Nora." From an antique pattern I have just recreated Clyde the Dog (he's in the reading group) and will make Archie the Alligator and Henrietta the Hippo. Remember them? They will learn to read with good mentors.

So Laura and Anne got wind of the Reading Buddies and wanted to go to the library to get "Little House on the Prairie" and "Anne of Green Gables." Like a good mom, I did and they have been reading ever since, including wanting the light left on!

These are not distractions but enhance our forty-four year old story as we put together the details of our Bundle Doll Reunion now rescheduled to September 8 and 9 for more participation. Guess what? We want you to come and get involved. Do accept the invitation. If you cannot bring your family in person, send us pictures and share your stories.

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