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One of the most spirited and fun offerings at Bonnie's Bundles Dolls is our Birthday Doll Workshop. A child is celebrated at a milestone age with the company of her best buddies (and siblings)! Bonnie makes the cake of choice. To keep the creators happy during their 3 to 4 hour craft session, there is mac and cheese or pizza. Then they wash hands and get back to work, creating their own design of a doll, an animal, a puppet, a nightie, or a pillow and sleeping bag.

The cost? The purchase of a doll. For a crowd of over six, a $10 charge per extra child is charged. Lew leads the stuffing operation; moms help too. Little guests wander around and become enamored with a doll in the gallery. Sometimes it results in another party!

To help promote this unique creative experience, we have designed and produced a 2012 Birthday Doll Workshop Calendar to remind families of this unique celebration. It features a Bundle face on each month. We chose Eva as Miss April, for our special ad on

Book your party and get your very own copy. And let's party.

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