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A Fun Fall Fashionable Event

Many signs lead me to the idea of the Fall Fashion Show and Boutique. On a Wednesday this summer Zinny and Eva measured all the dolls and made careful pencil lists of their sizes. More and more customers are asking for outfit switches on their look alike doll. A couple of moms suggested their little Bundle moms wanted to change outfits and dress their girl at bedtime. Then there is that absolute love I have working with children and dolls.

On Saturday, November 19 four children registered for the event - Zinny and Eva, of course, and Eva and Zoe. We had fun with the two sets of sisters about different pronunciation of the E name and that one of Z's was the youngest, the other the oldest. I made bow tie mac and cheese and a favorite, Green Cake for lunch. Remember, there are two sets of sisters and immediately all are best friends.

We began by sketching their nightie. We pulled the file on their Bundle - Stephanie,

Alice, Chloe and Eva. We made the observation that arms are as long as legs; and using the body, sleeve and leg pattern pieces they created their very own pattern. Off to the fabric cache to pick and choose. And lace too.

Zoe brought her own sewing machine and Eva was sorry she hadn't brought hers. Scary but pretty sane was the cutting. A break for lunch. Seconds on everything. Wash hands. Back to work. But first the girls wandered around the gallery looking for the perfect outfit for their doll. Zoe chose Cecelia's; Eva chose Abigail's but in lavender, please. Zinny loved Sharon's pants and blouse but doesn't need a furry vest. Eva, a serious reader, loved Laura's. Their $10 fee goes toward the wardrobe item for a birthday gift.

Into the heritage room to Bonnie's Nancy Necchi and Zoe's magic plastic wonder. While I stitched little Eva's nightie with her little foot on the control pedal, big Eva assisted Zoe. The girls learned to pin and press. Lew is not a stitcher; he normally is the stuffing helper, but he documented the event gladly. We could have used his help because Eva and Zinny have to come back to finish their nighties. Darn! Will I love that! But here are those finished nighties on Stephanie's sleeping bag made by Zoe at another workshop.

Everyone, including Silvio, had a blast.

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